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ИЛУМИНАЦИЈЕ  /  Драгана Бојић

17 – 29.9.2018.



У понедељак 17.09 2018, у 19 ч, самосталну изложбу слика – акрилика на платну отвара уметница Драгана Бојић. Под називом ИЛУМИНАЦИЈЕ она испитује генезу светлости, кубистичким и експресивним језиком, од „Великог праска“ преко природе и имагинације. Поставку углавном чине дела већих формата, у форми диптиха и триптиха.
Изложба траје до 29.09 2018. г.

„Приказаном поставком заокружује се целина монументалних композиционих структура, поглавито у форми диптиха и триптиха, где се сваки сегмент може посматрати самостално, као призор за себе. Пред нама је циклус који је дошао као природна трансформација од неомеђене експресије до конструисаног и контролисаног просторног решењаслике. Са зрелошћу, уметница премешта фокус свогинтересовања од природног ка урбаном и, напослетку, мистичном свету. Колорит, њено најмоћније оружје, постаје све више артефицијалан и софистициран,са ретким упливима топлих тонова, као да се њен поглед дефинитивно усмерио даље од тла према високим бреговима и структурама, ка небу, светлости…“
Марија Ристић, кустос, историчар уметности

„With wide experience gained in the rich use and fine arts, the author’s expression of Dragana Bojic is characterized by a keen sense of coloring, composition and expressiveness. The tendency towards abstract, combination of a cubist plan and a free movement of color, suggests that her role models are in the early modern.
The dominant features of the exhibited works are quick gestures and pro-cubic plans that build the basic composition, while the very facture contains an extraordinary expressionist charge, along with the abstract entirety of the painting. The artist’s attitude towards the appearance forms (urban and natural ambience) is presented, which, in the process of painting, develops through two poles. On the one hand, it seeks to summarize and organize the space and form, and, on the other, there is an eruption of emotions by which this space opens and radiates.
The methodology of the work itself is based on the variation of action painting, where the artist, during the process of work, sets a horizontal canvas on a solid foundation, and then, through several layers, creates a facture of the surface through which she sets the straight line structure in the form of long, straight lines that sophistically intertwine with the fields of pounded pigment deposits. In this way, works are created that are rich in the structures open to the numerous possibilities of interpretation of meaning. Of particular importance to the artist are the variability that the mentioned methodology provides (primarily „growth“ of the painting inside through geometrically determined plans).
The given exposition rounds up an entirety of monumental composition structures, especially in the form of diptych and triptych, where each segment can be viewed independently, as a scene for itself. The author does not allow the surface of the canvas to be a limiting element of her works, but rather, following the abstract construction that is expanding, the observer is introduced into the continuous movement through the painting space and beyond it. Her previous opus went through the stages of strong contrasts of dark and light colors, then pure and bright, in order to enter, through this exhibition, the gamma of sophisticated and brighter tones with the tendency to open towards light, not only as a natural and physical element, but also inner, mystical one. The new color, therefore, is not quite natural and organic. Semitones and mixtures of unusual pink, yellow, violet, with accent of gold are introduced. By complex “subpainting”, she is searching for the presence of a white light source that diverges through an invisible prism into an infinite number of colors. In addition to the natural, the artist, with this cycle, also introduces the urban environment, striving to catch the metamorphosis process depending on the change of light. The perception of light as the source of all life, nature and human creation is the main starting point for the creation of the painting „The Big Bang – time continuum“ where the sequence flow of light and explosions, evoking the constant human desire to comprehend and visualize the dynamics of the cosmos is recorded.
In front of us we have a cycle that came as a natural transformation from unlimited expression to a constructed and controlled spatial solution for the painting. With maturity, the artist shifts the focus of her interest from the natural to the urban and ultimately to the mystical world. Coloring, her most powerful weapon, is becoming more and more artificial and sophisticated, with rare warm tones effects, as if her view is definitely pointing further from the ground to the high hills and structures, to the sky, light, unknowable and mysterious cosmic processes. Although we recognize the forms of hills, bridges, towers… they are all parts of a parallel universe in which the mysterious laws of creation operate.“

Marija Ristic, curator, master art historian






Записи у траговима III  /  Здравко Милинковић

3 – 16.9.2018.




  Почетком септембра, у простору Галерије СУЛУЈ одржана је изложбa под називом Записи у траговима III  уметника Здравка Милинковића. Поставку чини избор скулптура у дрвету и слика у уљу, из опуса овог аутора . У оквиру представљених циклуса уметник испитује студије форме аутентичном интерпретацијом речника високе модерне – лирске апстракције и енформела.